inRiver was founded in 2007 and is the market leader for simplifying Product Information Management (PIM). The inRiver Product Marketing Cloud (iPMC) facilitates the creation, handling and distribution of product information.

Channable and Xsarus E-development & Consulting have joined forces to create the inRiver Channable Syndication Connecter for everyone in need of B2B and B2C data distribution. Using Channable, inRiver users can easily export there data to more than 1000 marketplaces, shopping engines and affiliates!

Advantages of the inRiver integration

  • One dashboard for B2B and B2C data distribution Channable exports your data to different marketplaces, affiliates or other export channels from a single source. In addition, you can also create a custom template to send your data to other clients and resellers.

  • Usable for every data distributor Manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and more can use this easy and intuitive integration.

  • Based on inRiver iPMC The inRiver Channable Syndication Connecter creates a secure endpoint that Channable uses to import your data directly from inRiver.

  • Free Support At Channable we believe in helping our clients in every step of the way. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you with all problems and concerns 5 days a week.

How do I connect inRiver with Channable

Please contact Xsarus or check out our Channable support article for the possibilities of a connection between inRiver and Channable.