Create ecManager product feeds

ecManager is the ultimate .NET omnichannel e-commerce platform, guaranteeing consistent and excellent customer experiences across all channels and devices. ecManager lets you create a completely cloud based e-commerce platform for B2C, B2B and brand-oriented organizations. ecManager is a future-fast e-commerce solution with a fixed and clear total cost of ownership.

ecManager enables online merchants to manage, configure and optimize a webshop (without IT knowledge). Over the past few years, more than seventy successful implementations of ecManager have been realized in collaboration with implementation partners. ecManager is the omnichannel platform for retailers, publishers, manufacturers and wholesalers with omnichannel ambitions.

How do I connect Channable and ecManager?

In ecManager, a feed generator has been implemented to send your product feed directly to Channable by default. The user-friendly drag and drop screen allows the interface to be filled with products from the ecManager platform. This interface is sent over to Channable. Channable facilitates simple and easy product feed optimizations for the different sales platforms.

Advantages of linking with ecManager

  • One link from ecManager for all feeds Channable exports the product feed to the different sales platforms and channels, so you do not need to keep the different feeds in ecManager. Channable will take care of this for you.

  • More possibilities In addition to the standard feeds present in ecManager, you can now also enjoy integrations with different sales platforms and channels, Channable offers more opportunities in this area.

  • Support Integration with Channable is standard and maintained by ecManager