Create Divide.NOW product feeds

The international platform Divide.NOW is fully scalable in an online world where feed marketing is getting more important for online store owners. Divide.NOW is built on the .NET framework with modules, features, and integrations which are fully adapted within the fashion, e-commerce industry.

How do I connect Divide.NOW with Channable?

Divide.NOW generates a product feed with all item features that are available. By creating specific rules in Channable, like excluding certain products, you can advertise your products in a profitable way on more than 1,000 shopping comparison sites, marketplaces, and affiliate networks. Channable also offers an order connection for Divide.NOW that automatically synchronizes all your product information on both platforms. Because of this, the product information, such as stock, is always up to date so that customers will only see information that’s relevant.

Advantages of the Divide.NOW connection

  • Fast and easy imports Connecting Divide.NOW with Channable will allow you to import your entire product feed with just a few mouse clicks and to optimize your online store’s ROI.

  • Inventory synchronization Inventory changes in Divide.NOW are automatically updated within Channable and on the export channels you are using. As soon as an item is no longer in stock, the ads for this product will be automatically removed, until the product comes back in stock.

  • Hundreds of channels to choose from Channable offers hundreds of channels to choose from for all your products. Channel specific market insights allow you to choose the best fitting channel for your products, maximizing your sales by targeting ready to buy customers.

  • Free support The data feeds will be monitored by Divide 24/7 as Divide is working together with Channable on a strategic level. Channable offers free support with the integration of Divide. NOW, setting up the different export channels, and we’ll make sure that everything works and that it stays that way.