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Happy Birthday Channable!

April 04, 2018

4 years ago Channable was born. A lot happened since April 4th of 2014. Read our short compilation of the milestones of the last four years.

Channable is 4 years old

A short story of how Channable came to be and developed into one of the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands:

  • 2012: Site2Mobile was the foundation stone of Channable. Our founders, Robert Kreuzer, Rob van Nuenen and Stefan Hospes, started an online service for data extraction processes and mobile solutions for existing websites called Site2Mobile. The prize, of € 10,000, from a course at the University Utrecht made their first business idea possible.
  • 2014: The official beginning: DataFeedCentral, the first version of our data feed management tool was created. Later that year, DataFeedCentral was renamed Channable!
  • 2015: Channable built connections with many marketplaces and Google Analytics. They grew in terms of colleagues, customers and number of exporting countries.
  • 2016: In addition to many channels, Text Ads and Shopping campaigns were added to the tool. Channable had 28 people in employment and had two new teams. Team DACH and Team France were ready to represent Channable internationally. At the end of the year, the Dutch investment fund, Peak Capital, invested € 750,000 towards Channable’s international expansion.
  • 2017: Channable expanded at a record rate: 32 new colleagues began their adventure at Channable, the offices moved into a 400 year old building in the heart of Utrecht, Channable exhibited at 5 fairs internationally and actively began spreading the word in even more countries. The tool was made available in a total of 5 languages: French, German, Dutch, Spanish and English.
  • 2018: There are currently 65 employees behind Channable and only growth is on the horizon!

Cheers! Proost! Santé! Salud! Prost!



Written by Babette Bürgi
Video marketing