Expanded Text Ads in Channable

October 24, 2016

A few weeks ago we announced that it would be possible to create Expanded Text Ads using Channable. They are finally here! What is different? How can you use them in Channable? More information can be found below.

Expanded Text Ads in Channable

What are the changes?

The new Expanded Text Ads provide more information to potential clients before they actually click on the ads. According to Google, this will result in a 20% increase in your CTR. The headline has been changes from a single headline containing 25 characters to 2 headlines containing 30 characters each and a description line for the total of 80 characters (instead of 2 lines of 35 characters). The display URL will be automatically populated from the final URL and the two optional attributes.

How do I use this feature in Channable?

If you were to create a new ad with Channable, it will automatically become an Expanded Text Ad. Google has indicated that existing ads must be converted into expanded ones before the 31st of January 2017. If you take a look at the new ad template in Channable you will notice a few things. Firstly, there are 2 headline fields. Both field are mandatory and will appear in the ad after the other, separated by a ‘-’. Both fields may contain 30 characters and the description can consist of a single field of 80 characters. The fields’ path 1 and path 2 are new and they both appear after the final link and are not required. The visible URL, no longer exists, however it is replaced by a combination of the ‘final URL’, ‘path 1’ and ‘path 2’.

What should I pay extra attention to?

First of all, if you convert an existing ad to an Expanded Text Ad, you cannot reverse this. If you were to pause you old ads and create new ones, this will cause you to lose ratings. The old ads will not be converted automatically, you will have to create all new ads.

The field with the final URL now has a given maximum length. If your link is too long, you can use a tracking template. This can, of course, also be used if you are using a tracking party, UTM and parameters. Please note that the link you generate should always refer to the tracking template to the final URL of the product.

Ilse Goedman
Head of Marketing