eBay placement fee deleted

September 13, 2016

From October 2016, merchant selling on within the Netherlands will no longer have to pay a placement fee. EBay also will adjust subscription fees for EBay shops.

eBay placement fee deleted

These changes are very beneficial to shop owners, making it more accessible to offer your products on eBay. This offers large-scale merchants who work with fixed ranges of products to offer their products cheaper and easier for a longer period of time.

eBay Costs

If you as an advertiser, would like to sell your products on eBay, you would only have to pay the sales commission of 4.3% -7%. Since the integration of eBay onto the tool, Channable has offered merchants to refresh their products on eBay on a monthly basis, so products are not being removed and cost increased. The change in placement fees has ,therefore, not affected forwarding your products to eBay through Channable in any way.

Order Handling

Order handling is the feature implemented by our tool to make selling on eBay even easier and more autonomous. The eBay order handling feature makes it possible for orders placed on eBay to be immediately transferred to your order system and synced together. You do not have to log in into your eBay sales account to view your orders and proceed with them, all of the orders are displayed right on your ordering system. Channable checks new orders and changes every 5 minutes and forwards them directly to your platform. Changes in inventory are update immediately, so products that are only truly available are offered for sale on eBay.

Ilse Goedman
Head of Marketing