Our culture

Our unique culture is for us a big reason why we all work at Channable. Our team is diverse with people from all over the world, but we all share our common mission and values. Check our values below to get a sneak preview of our culture.

Why we are who we are…

Channable is only 9 years old, but we are already market leader in the Benelux. Now we’re conquering the rest of the world. Our mission is to accelerate ecommerce worldwide. We believe in offering simple solutions to complex problems. By doing so we want to become the number 1 online marketing tool worldwide. Our awesome culture is what makes us Channablers get out of bed every morning and work towards our shared mission.

What we value…

Our e-commerce landscape is always changing, and our daily lives give us so many distractions. But here at Channable, we keep our focus. We know what is important in both our day-to-day tasks and our long-term goals.

At Channable, we care about personal development. We believe that when the individual grows, Channable grows. That’s why we provide our colleagues with opportunities to develop themselves and encourage them to go for it.

We care about being open and transparent with each other and our customers. Sharing leads to the best possible teamwork and the best results.

When we see an opportunity, we take it. When we see an issue, we commit to it. When we can’t figure it out, we ask for help. When we make a mistake, we take responsibility.

We find it important that we enjoy the time we spend at work. We believe that building relationships is an important part of a positive working culture, and we invest in activities that embrace and strengthen teamwork.

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