Amazon is one of the most popular and well known marketplaces in the world. With millions of visitors each month and a well designed and implemented seller environment, it makes it one of the most attractive places to sell your products.

Channable offers a very powerful and easy to use Amazon seller tool, which lets you take full advantage of your product feed and get the best results possible. Channable is the all in one solution which lets you optimize, filter and export your products directly through your Amazon seller account. This feature enables you to manage your listings and track back orders directly to the eCommerce platform of your choice.

Amazon connections with Magento, Lightspeed and WooCommerce are integrated into Channable, ensuring an easy and fast setup of your listings.

Advantages of Selling on Amazon

  • Increase sales
    Amazon is a very popular marketplace with hundreds of million loyal customers. In addition, Amazon has over 95 million unique visitors every month. The Amazon marketplace provides merchants with millions of customers with various needs and whishes looking to purchase a wide variety of different products.
  • Ready to buy shoppers
    With Amazon, you can reach shoppers who are ready to buy. Amazon uses complex algorithms which refer your products to buyers when shopping on the platform. Your products will be visible to shoppers looking at items similar to yours, greatly increasing the reach of your products.
  • Credibility
    Amazon is a trustworthy and well established marketplace successfully operating for many years. Shoppers all over the world are familiar with Amazon and many of them would rather buy from Amazon than anywhere else.
  • Costs
    With Amazon you only have to pay when our ads are clicked on. No need to overspend on advertising.

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