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ROSE Bikes about working with Channable

ROSE Bikes has been founded in Bocholt, North Rhine-Westphalia in 1907. The former smallest bike store in town developed to be a continuously growing company with nearly 350 employees (as of 2015). Since 2014 ROSE Bikes is also located in Munich and has stores in the UK, Sweden, Finland and France.

The bike specialist successfully managed to merge their physical stores and online shops. These days the technology driven company generates over 80% of its sales volume via rosebikes.de and local online shops.

To prepare their product feeds ROSE Bikes used an individual solution which was integrated into their shop platform. However, because of their fast growing data volume, this solution quickly reached its maximum capacity. Product feeds weren’t updated on a daily basis and new feeds could not be added. Small changes in the feeds (e.g. changing shipping costs) consumed a lot of time and effort.

Marc Böing (ROSE Bikes’ IT system administrator) started looking for a suitable solution online and found Channable. He contacted Channable and discussed ROSE Bikes’ issues and possible solutions. Marc signed up and quickly created various projects for the ROSE Bikes online shops on multiple markets. The Channable support team assisted with the setup for the different countries.

Currently ROSE Bikes uses Channable to optimize product feeds for webshops in seven different countries and over twenty different channels. On request, Channable even added two new channels that weren’t supported before.

By connecting Channable with Google Analytics, ROSE Bikes has a comprehensive insight in how their products, brands and product groups perform in every country and each channel. If necessary, this information can again be used to adapt their feeds.

Ever since ROSE Bikes uses Channable, problems with exporting product feeds, adjusting them or connecting their shops to new markets, are a matter of the past. The rule-based customization options (e.g. adding color as a separate field) improve the visibility on the channels drastically. Due to the quality improvement of their product feeds and consequential, the increased acceptance at their marketing channels, ROSE Bikes’ online sales increased by 30% in two months.