How Channable evolved - why we change our pricing

November 1, 2018

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Channable is changing its pricing plans in order to ensure the high quality of the tool and its services. Channable aims to be the most transparent tool and, for this reason, we want to give you an update about the reasons why we’re changing our pricing. Please note that from November on our new customers will have to choose one of our new plans. If you already are an active user, your plan will be automatically updated on January 1st, 2019.

How Channable evolved - why we change our pricing

But first, let us explain the current pricing plan changes by taking you on a journey!

This is where it all began

It is the year 2014, and the Channable tool has seen daylight for the first time. Imagine a way (waaay) more basic tool: we supported XML-files and CSV-files as an import. It had a simple dashboard, and the available export channels were configurable with a couple of powerful rules. Our tool tackled the biggest annoyances for our customers, but many more features were needed.

From the start, the vision was clear: we wanted to create the quickest, most powerful, and the most intuitive online marketing tool available. To make sure that we were going to do this for the right reasons, we decided to only design and build new features or functionalities that were requested by our customers. To top things off, we wanted to overdeliver instead of overpromise. That meant that we needed to support our customers in an almost fanatical way, and we’d do it for free! With these values in mind, we built Channable and soon the adventure began…

Year 1: Let’s go!

Cruising along the first year of Channable, we see this basic tool that enabled customers to export their products and services to many different platforms. Our pricing was set to reflect our available features we offered at the time. At this point, we only had 3 packages: Small, Medium and Large. Our old servers would not even be able to handle more than 1% of the number of items that we can handle today. Even still, Channable offered our customers an easy solution to further optimize their data and to reach millions of potential customers. Each new use case that we came across, helped us to innovate and improve our tool even further. In the first year only, we managed to develop multiple import plugins with large e-commerce platforms, created connections with more than 50 export platforms, and even created our first direct API connection. All based on the feedback from our customers!

Build, build, build

Buckle up for the next steps in this time travel story! In the next few years, improvements were done to almost every aspect of the tool. We developed the Google Ads add-on to enable the dynamic creation of text ads. We also enabled our customers to monitor and optimize the performance of their marketing channels by connecting Google Analytics to Channable. With these new connections, Channable was finally upgraded into an all-in-one tool. Later, we added several marketplaces, such as Amazon and, which combined with our order connections handle real-time stock updates and order flows.

Behind the scenes

As we move on in our little journey, another year goes by. With a much larger customer base, an ever-growing number of daily imported items, and new functionalities that demanded a real-time infrastructure, we were forced to rebuild the core of our system from scratch for the first time (two years later for the second time, and in October 2018 for the third time). The re-writes were done to make Channable even faster in our response and computation times, all to make sure that we could deliver on our promises. We had to train our support team and update our partners with each additional functionality, all in order to let our customers make the best use of Channable and to be able to uphold the high standards of service that you were already accustomed to.

In the meantime, the tool has grown into an advanced tool available in 5 languages. Hundreds of import and export channels were added, more advanced rules were created to improve customer data optimizing, and, with the latest innovations such as machine learning, we've always tried to make our tool as easy to use as possible for our customers.

Looking into a crystal ball

After 5 years, we’ve already had quite a journey, but that doesn’t mean that we are finished yet since there is so much more to come. With your help, we will continue to improve our tool in ways that we cannot even imagine. And together we want to reach the ultimate goal: to become the best online marketing tool in the world.

New pricing plans

As you can see, in the past 5 years, Channable has grown from a basic product feed management tool to an advanced, all-in-one online marketing tool. Although we made many, many changes in our tool, our pricing plans have never been changed. We are introducing our new pricing plans to ensure that we are able to keep our customer service at the highest quality possible and to develop many more innovative functionalities for our customers, which will allow them to further automate and optimize their online marketing activities.

Our new pricing plans can be found at our pricing page. If you have any questions related to our new plans, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. If you are already a Channable user with a monthly subscription, the changes will be in effect from January 2019. You won’t have to do anything as your pricing will be automatically updated.

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