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New Adwords features, a webinar, Google Analytics and much more

We are currently developing the integration between Google Analytics and Channable, and we are almost done! This feature enables you to connect your webshop with Google Analytics and import your analytics data. Then you can create rules and filter products based on conversion and click rates for each channel. Now you have even more control over the products you publish!

We are testing this new feature with several partners right now, but it will be available for all users later this month. Free of charge.

Adwords backup templates

At the request of our customers that are using the Adwords feature, we’ve made it possible to add backup templates that will only be pushed if the main ad is not accepted by Google. Additionally you can now also push ads to existing campaigns.

SEOshop webinar Channable

In collaboration with SEOshop we organize a webinar on the 7th of April at 4pm CEST. We will give a demo of our tool for both SEOshop and other online stores. Feel free to subscribe here.

Admarkt update

Some adjustments have been made to the Admarkt ad builder regarding the attributes. You’re now able to search and select existing Admarkt attributes. Furthermore, we also offer new pricing options such as bidding or fixed prices..

New operators

As you may have noticed, we made some adjustments to our tool. A new operator has been added to shorten text to a maximum number of characters. We also changed the selection fields so you can easily search through the list and we offer a copy button for each part of a rule now.

Features and requests

Since we aim to create the best tool you can find in the market, we really value your opinion. If you have a feature request, you want to export to a new channel that is not in the list or just have feedback in general: don’t hesitate to contact us.