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Shopware and Channable become technical partners

March 27, 2019

Germany's most used shop system, Shopware, allies with Channable, the market leader in feed management and SEA tools in the Benelux. The successful cooperation between Shopware and Channable starts with the release of the Channable Connector plugin and the Channable-Shopware order connection.

Shopware and Channable become technical partners

Channable offers a data feed management tool for online marketing agencies and online retailers. The tool includes features for data feed optimization, listing products on price comparison sites, affiliate platforms, and marketplaces, order synchronization for the most popular marketplaces worldwide, feed-based text ads for Google and Bing and an analytics connection.

“We are pleased that we have gained Shopware as a strong partner and hope that together we can continue to grow, both in Germany and internationally”. – Maximilian Merz, Country Manager DACH at Channable.

The free Channable Connector plugin makes it easy to connect your Shopware shop directly to Channable. In Channable, you can add other data sources to your Shopware import and also combine different data sources. Then, with a worldwide network of over 1,000 export channels, you can advertise and sell their products anywhere.

Channable’s order connections enable automatic synchronization of your orders. As of March 2019, the order connection for Shopware is available for use, allowing for order processes to be retrieved from marketplaces via API and synchronized with your shop system in real time.

“Channable is the ideal partner to further strengthen our position, especially in the Benelux market, and to complement our plugin portfolio in a meaningful way. We are looking forward to this partnership and a good cooperation”, says Patrick Büngener, Sales & Relations Manager Benelux at Shopware.

Shopware is the leading shop system in Germany and has gained relevance in the UK and Benelux in recent years. Channable’s growing team is pleased to announce Shopware as a Tech Partner, serving over 80,000 customers.

Sharon Duine
Marketing DACH