Channable’s hot summer sales checklist & tips

May 10, 2019

Getting prepared for the summer sales isn’t just for consumers. Use Channable’s checklist and tips to make sure you don’t miss a beat this summer and make some sizzling sales.

Channable’s hot summer sales checklist & tips

Who doesn’t love a good old checklist to get organized? Channable has listed the 10 things you simply cannot forget to implement this summer. To make sure that you optimize your summer sales marketing game and burn the competition.

summer checklist

An example of the tips you can find in the download:

  • Analyze last year’s performance
    Using last summer’s performance as a basis for this year’s strategy will save you heaps of time and can provide clear result-oriented goals. If you haven’t already, go back and collate any performance data from the previous years. Next, make an analysis i.e. on peak sales days/times, demographics, most and least popular items or categories.
  • Have a fool-proof campaign strategy
    Identify goals -> Determine how to measure success -> Set a budget -> Choose sales and communication channels -> Create a timeline -> Prepare any additional promotional material -> Execute
    Create clear goals for the summer season. How many sales do you want to make in a certain category? How will you ensure this number will be reached? If it’s much higher than your current monthly sales, what additional efforts could you try to increase your products’ exposure and sales? Think about using additional comparison sites or marketplaces to increase your reach.
  • And more!

Download the full checklist that includes industry-specific suggestions and pointers below!



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Written by Senni Whitaker
Marketing UK