Automated order handling for Amazon

October 20, 2016

If you own a webshop and want to maximize your reach and increase your sales, what better way than to use comparison websites, affiliate platforms or marketplaces.

Automated order handling for Amazon

One of the most popular platforms used by many merchants is Amazon. Amazon is the world’s greatest player with millions of customers, which makes it a very attractive and convenient solution for sellers. It is true, however, that when you list your products on Amazon customers order directly from the platform and are not directed to your webshop. This means that in addition to your orders you have to keep a close eye on your Amazon sales account to make sure your orders are handled and up to date.

Image 1: Log into your Amazon sales account

You can imagine that, if you use Amazon alongside a number of other marketplaces, this can become a time consuming task. Additionally, it becomes even more inconvenient if you have to find orders in various platforms instead of having the convenience to find all of them in the backend of your webshop.

Automatic forwarding

Currently you probably have to check multiple times per day if any orders were received, in order to be able to send your orders on time without disappointing your customers. Well there is a simple solution! One way to cope with this is automatic order handling.

Image 2: Automatic order handling configuration

The automatic order handling with Channable means that every time an order is placed with Amazon (also;, and EBay), this order will be sent, via Channable, directly to the order systems of your webshop, whether it is Lightspeed, Magento or Divide. In the backend, you can then view the order and proceed with handling without having to log in into your Amazon sales account. Channable receives data from Amazon every 5 minutes to check for new orders and status changes, so both the merchant and the clients can view he most recent product information.

Ilse Goedman
Head of Marketing