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About Channable

S&D Interactive Media – early adopter

“Channable provides our agency with great support. The intuitive interface makes it easy to use by our PPC team, without extensive training. On top of that the low agency pricing provides us with the opportunity of offering feedmarketing services previously only affordable for big advertisiers to medium, or even small e-commerce businesses as well. It helped us grow our business substantially, thank you!”

S&D Interactive Media has been invited to participate in the early stages of Channable’s development. We have been fortunate to have been a part of feature development from an e-commerce search engine marketing and SEO agency perspective.

It has allowed us to add features we know are either in high demand, or not yet available at this level. The current tool perfectly fits the needs of any online marketing agency providing feedmarketing services to clients. Ranging from very large to smaller e-commerce business alike. SDIM is looking forward to helping add more great features in the future as demand changes and new channels are added.